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Cash for Books

Follow our super easy steps below and you can turn those old books, CDs, games, or textbooks into cash - or even better, new stuff!


Bring in the items you are wanting to sell and show them to one of our staff members. If you have a large quantity of stuff, let us know ahead of time and we can work out how long it will take to process your order.


While our staff processes your order, feel free to browse our store or leave and come back later.

If you choose to leave, please be sure to pick up your items or offer at least one hour before closing. If they are not picked up by this time, we will process the items for store credit.


Depending on the type of things you bring and the condition they are in, you will be given the option of cash and/or trade for your stuff.

Still have questions?
Visit our FAQ page or call us at 318-868-9662.

Partnership Program

The Thrifty Peanut is proud to support our community and local libraries. For years we have helped dozens of non-profit organizations generate extra income and boost their exposure.

Often times the overhead and donations are so large for these organizations that many items are discarded before anything can be done with them. By extending our warehouse and online presence to you, we can turn these otherwise discarded items into revenue.

Here are some of the many things we can offer:

  • On site pick-up and shipping to our warehouse
  • Monthly sales reports
  • No long-term contracts
  • Eco-friendly business practices and recycling

To learn more, visit our FAQ or give us a call at 318-868-9662

Hard to Find Items

Looking for something we don't have? Let us know!

We can order many hard to find books, movies, records, or even games. Just tell one of our staff members what you're looking for and we can put in a special order.

Once it arrives at our store, we will call you to come pick up your order and complete the purchase. Most orders can be expected to arrive within a few business days.

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